About Us

We are an independent operating contractor Courier who will provide quality service to all client. Private transport or delivery/pickup services is our specialties and we proprieties our customers request, safety, privacy and wellness. In order to ensure that we consistently exceed our customers' expectations, we constantly strive to include industry best practices as well as the newest technology and other resources. As a result, we are constantly prepared to respond in any way that is conceivable in order to meet the needs of our clients.

Our Focus

Fast Delivery

Your package will be deliverd ontime.


Secure delivery and transport.

Very Affordable

Best price for all service.


Contract services are for companies who wishes to delvery/pickup packages (IOC Contract) or private charter on a day to day basis.


We offer Local and international charter service, you can book your seat from any where. we will pick you up and carry you to your destination.


We will pickup and delivery your package to any destination you request, our drivers are well trained and reliable.